On this page, you can see a full listing of all players on this site, as well as the current active characters they play. Non-Player characters, as they do not really "belong" to any one person, do not appear on this list. Characters that are pending, or incomplete, are also not on this list.


Benjamin Berg

Four Heavenly Kings Jadeite


Araceli Ward

Soldiers of the Outer Solar System Sailor Uranus


Queen Serenity

Silver Millennium Queen Serenity

Yves Benoîte


Sienna Cailleach de Chré

Death Busters Magus Kaolinite

Alexander Kingsward

Elysion Tuxedo Masque

Danica St. Lueur

Soldiers of the Four Guardian Deities Sailor Venus


Kalika Ananta

Soldiers of the Outer Solar System Sailor Pluto

Siva Khan

Four Heavenly Kings Kunzite

Clair S'évanouir

Princess Soldiers Sailor Dark Moon

Mimete Starr

Witches 5 Mimete

Queen Beryl

Dark Kingdom Queen Beryl

Chasity Vale



Willow Abaddon

Soldiers of the Outer Solar System Sailor Saturn


Élliot Desrosiers

Elysion Helios

Margot LeBlanc

Princess Soldiers Sailor Moon

Nicholas Renault

Knights & Chevaliers Neptunian Knight