RP Rating (2-2-1)

RPG Rating 2 2 2

  • Swearing is generally permitted, please avoid using racist slurs or derogatory sexual terms.
  • Sexual content is permitted, descriptions of kissing and touching are allowed. Please avoid graphic descriptions of genitalia or sensual acts. Please use fade to black.
  • Violence is permitted, with some limitations. Graphic descriptions of gore and dismemberment are not allowed.


  • Currently, there are no activity checks in place.
  • Players are asked to be active within reason.
  • Please be mindful of other players you are threading with.
  • Players that do not have active IC threads or have not been active IC for 30 days (without notice) are subject removal.


  • No word count is in effect.
  • Tag threads with other characters or Open to invite others to play.
  • No Godmodding or Puppeteers.
  • Please use the tag system to notify other players of a thread post. Use the tag system by using @[Username] (include space in the name).
  • In the Title of your thread please indicate whether the thread will or won't allow for surprise attacks with [war] or [peace].


  • Please let staff know in discord if you will be absent for a lengthy period of time.
  • There are no activity checks in effect
  • If you are inactive for 30 days IC without an absence notice, your character will be converted to an NPC and your player account will be subject to removal.


  • Avatar size is 250x400.
  • Max signatures size is ???x???.
  • Please credit the creator for any custom signatures/avatars that are not your own.