"Never recreate places from your memory. Always imagine new places. Only use details, a street lamp or a phone booth, never entire areas because building a dream from your memory is the easiest way to lose your grasp on what's real and what is a dream." - Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception)

Be sure to read the Canon Catalogue when it comes to your character, there is pertinent information as to what your character should be and includes facts, quirks, and character developments. Each character is given three adjectives that attribute to their character. (Make sure you reserve your character)

It is important to remember that you ARE NOT playing a carbon copy of your favorite Sailor Moon character. Please do not re-create your character to be identical to their anime/manga counterpart that is a sure-fire way to denial. While some characters are seemingly similar to their anime/manga counterparts, some are not.

For example:

  • Sailor Petite Moon has the appearance of a teenager (she is 900) and is only temporarily reduced to that of a child by Wiseman when she escapes to the past.
  • Sailor Venus is an international pop star
  • Sailor Moon is a Sujet ballerina who is on the roads to becoming a prima.
  • Sailor Saturn is a famous pianist as is Zoisite

That does not mean that you can't add easter eggs into your character. You are encouraged to incorporate elements of your character's anime/manga counterpart. For example:

  • Sailor Venus likes to wear a red ribbon in her hair on occasion
  • Sailor Moon puts her hair into two buns on her head when she's being lazy at home
  • Sailor Mercury likes to wear glasses to help her look more intelligent even though she doesn't need them.

If there is not enough information for you to create well-rounded you have the creative freedom to fill in the blanks. You can also use Headcanons as long as they are within reason. For example:

  • Rei’s mother died in a hospital where Ami’s mother works. Mr. Hino didn’t show this in front of her daughter’s eyes but he was broken. Mrs. Mizuno comforted him (as he does to many of her patients’ relatives), and they slowly become close friends.
  • The Silver and Golden Crystals are actually two halves of a whole. A long time ago, it was one singular Sailor Crystal, but it was deemed to powerful and got split in half; the Silver Crystal went to the Moon Kingdom, while the Golden Crystal went to Earth. The reason why Earth was forbidden is/was because they feared the Gold and Silver Crystals becoming whole again.
  • Sailor Cosmos IS the current Usagi but from an alternate timeline in which she lost hope after Galaxia killed all the Solar System Senshi, in order to compensate for the lost Senshi Usagi absorbed their Sailor Crystals within her to create a new entity known as Sailor Cosmos.

This also applies to your character's Sailor form, you can incorporate attacks/techniques from other official mediums (except the Dic Dub) and the Materials Collection. You can use image songs from the anime and/or musical for quotes, you can use song titles as attack names as long as they fit. Some of these attacks are already included in the canon catalog. For Example:

  • Sailor Moon can use Moon Sparkling Sensation (Arcade attack) and Moonlight Attractive Attack (PGSM attack)
  • Sailor Venus can use Grace My Heart (Sera Myu Song)
  • Some of Sailor Venus' songs from the anime and musicals are hit singles for La Soldier's Sailor Venus
  • Petite Moon can use Moon Gorgeous Meditation, Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, and Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss just like in the manga.
  • Most importantly, please take the time to develop your character and nuances. If you need more time ask for it. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.