“This is the place where stars and all possibility is born…” – Guardian Cosmos


Long ago…a faint tiny light came to be. Would it become a star, or would it dim into darkness? Light and darkness don’t know its own ability. No one knows the time or place stars and darkness mature. Light and darkness don’t know their own destiny within the universe. Their maturity relies on instinct.


Sagittarius Alpha Star is the center of the Milky Way. Within the star exists Sagittarius Zero Star where the Galaxy Cauldron resides. The Galaxy Cauldron is the birthplace of Star Seeds from which all living things are born.


The ultimate universal Lambda Power of the Cosmos Seed has created an entire galaxy worth of powerful Star Seeds known as Sailor Crystals. Sailor Crystals are Star Seeds that evolve with its assigned planet or star and eventually become the power that can be invoked by the chosen bearer of the Sailor Crystal.


The Cosmos Seed is the ultimate manifestation of the Galaxy Cauldron just as its antithesis the Chaos Seed. Chaos is the physical manifestation of the Chaos Seed representing the ultimate expression of evil, nothingness, and darkness. Forever cursed to never become a star, Chaos has an insatiable hunger to consume all that exists within the universe.


To this end, Chaos has wrought war, death, destruction, and hate to plunge everything into nothingness and allow Chaos to create the ultimate expression of its darkness, the Chaos Crystal.




Selene was the first chosen bearer to one of the brightest Sailor Crystals in the universe known as the Illusionary Silver Crystal which became a symbol of the Moon Kingdom and marked Selene’s reign as Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.


Princess Selenity, the firstborn daughter of Queen Serenity, had come of age to inherit the Illusionary Silver Crystal as a hallmark to her becoming future queen of the Moon Kingdom.


The galactic conqueror known as the Snow Queen invaded the Solar System with her Snow Dancers using the crystal known as the Ice Doll to freeze the planets and add to her collection. As she made her bid for the Moon, Princess Selenity used the Silver Crystal to drive the Snow Queen out of the Solar System and free the frozen planets she collected.


Before Princess Selenity could claim the throne as queen, the light of the Illusionary Silver Crystal attracted the darkness of Chaos who threatened to use the light and power of the Silver Crystal to consume all life in the universe. Princess Selenity confronted Chaos despite Queen Serenity’s misgivings. Princess Selenity attempted to use the crystal’s power to destroy Chaos and was overwhelmed by Chaos who possessed her. Her daughter lost to her, Queen Serenity reclaimed the power of the Illusionary Silver Crystal desperately trying to separate Chaos from her daughter to no avail. Heartbroken, Queen Serenity was unable to defeat Chaos and chose instead to use the Silver Crystal to divide and seal Chaos’ darkness including her possessed daughter into seven Rainbow Crystals. Queen Serenity destroyed what remained of Chaos using the Illusionary Silver Crystal.


Queen Serenity took the Rainbow Crystals to the Galaxy Cauldron where Guardian Cosmos revealed herself to the Queen. Guardian Cosmos told Queen Serenity that if she threw the crystals into the Cauldron they would one day be reborn as living creatures and Chaos would inevitably be revived. Queen Serenity tossed the crystals into the cauldron with a wish that her lost daughter would be born with a new life and the darkness within the Rainbow Crystals would never be found by Chaos when it was reborn. Little did she know that her actions would set forth the events that would destroy her world and bring darkness to the future.




Queen Serenity would reign for the next thousand years establishing an era of peace known as the Silver Millennium.


Queen Serenity appointed the young princesses of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as the Soldiers of the Outer Solar System responsible for protecting Silver Millennium and the Moon Kingdom from outside invasion.




As Silver Millennium reigned, Elysion was established as the Golden Kingdom of Earth. The young High Priest of the Sun, Helios, was appointed guardian of the Earth and the Golden Rose Crystal. It was at this time the Crown Prince of Earth, Endymion was born.


Elysion’s territories were divided amongst the Four Heavenly Kings; Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite and appointed guardians of Earth and its crown prince.




Due to the destructive powers of the Silence Glaive and its bearer the princess of Saturn, Queen Serenity sealed the young princess within the confines of the castle on Saturn. Queen Serenity appointed the princess one solemn mission, to be called only to bring the end to all things.


The seal placed on Saturn was locked by the power of the Three Imperial Talismans that were bestowed to Princess Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Queen Serenity directed the princesses to bring the talismans together when they resonated. The resonation of the talismans was a sign that all things were coming to an end and bringing the talismans together would call forth the Soldier of Silence to bring about the destruction of the world.




“Queen! Before I go, take what I came to deliver! Your kingdom will fall…and with it, your daughter will perish…that is my gift to you…” – Queen Nehellenia


From the depths of Galaxy Cauldron, Chaos was reborn. Without the Rainbow Crystals, Chaos did not have the power it once had and sought to obtain them. Chaos bided its time using its darkness to invoke the power awakening within its Dark Stars that were sealed within the Rainbow Crystals knowing that they would one day awaken and find their way back to it.


Queen Nehellenia the queen of an ancient kingdom within the dark center of the New Moon was the first to awaken. She believed her beauty was eternal until her mirror showed her future self was to become an ugly old woman. Shocked and horrified by this, Nehellenia gave in to the darkness and consumed the dreams of her servants and subjects to keep herself young. From her mirror, she watched with envy the prosperity of the Silver Millennium and Queen Serenity. Queen Nehellenia emerged from the mirror in the Moon Kingdom and made herself known at the celebration of Princess Serenity's birth. Nehellenia confronted Queen Serenity claiming to be her dark mirror image and proclaimed herself queen of the true queen of the Moon and that it was her birthright to rule.


“Darkness can never erase light, queen of darkness…I will seal you inside the world of the mirror! Spend eternity in the world of darkness!” – Queen Serenity


Queen Serenity used the power of Illusionary Silver Crystal with the combined power of the young Soldiers of the Four Guardian Deities to seal Nehellenia within the mirror forever sealing it within the darkness of the New Moon. In retaliation, Nehellenia cast a curse upon the Moon Kingdom dooming it to fall before the crown princess could inherit her throne.





In ancient times the Earth and Moon were single Kingdoms. It was forbidden by the Gods that the inhabitants of the Earth and Moon not associate. – Queen Beryl


Prince Endymion came of age to claim his throne as ruler of Earth appointing the Four Heavenly Kings as his council. Helios took a young sage by the name of Beryl as his apprentice serving the prince and guarding the Golden Rose Crystal. Beryl secretly feel in love with the prince and hoped he would return her feelings.


Interaction between the Moon and Earth had long since been forbidden by the Gods as part of their laws. Princess Serenity violated this law by secretly traveling to Earth. While on Earth she was discovered by Princess Endymion.


Serenity and Endymion continued to rendezvous even though their love affair was forbidden by the Gods themselves. This incited the jealousy and anger of Beryl who spied on the pair. It was Beryl who told the Four Heavenly Kings to bring a stop to the romance. The Soldiers of the Four Guardian Deities discovered their princess’ whereabouts which led to an encounter with the Heavenly Kings. The prince and princess let their guardians know of their intentions to continue to see each other much to their dismay. The Soldiers and the Kings reluctantly allowed it to continue under their watch leading to intimacies and romances with each other as well.


Beryl’s jealousy turned into hatred against Princess Serenity whom she felt was deceiving Endymion and stealing him from her. Beryl’s malice craved power to destroy the princess and claim Endymion for herself invoking Queen Metalia. Awakening from a sunspot on the Sun, Queen Metalia descended to Earth and appeared before the sorceress enticing her with the power she so desperately wanted. Queen Metalia urged Beryl to take the Golden Rose Crystal and become the queen her prince would fall in love with. Beryl tried to take the crystal from the temple only to discover it was protected by golden flames that prevented her from touching it. Helios appeared and told Beryl the crystal chose its bearer and banished her from Elysion for her treachery.


Calling herself Queen Beryl, the true Queen of Earth and using the power of Metalia, Beryl caused dissent amongst the people of Earth inciting hatred towards the Moon. Queen Beryl began her conquest of Earth. Queen Beryl was known for the destruction of the nature and peace-loving people known as the Xenian after they rejected her rule. Queen Beryl claimed the death of the Xenian race in the name of Endymion.


Hearing of Beryl’s conquest, Helios secretly sealed the Golden Rose Crystal within Endymion and sealed the Temple of Elysion within the hidden Crystal Forest to protect it from Queen Beryl’s growing invasion. The Four Heavenly Kings confronted the evil Queen in hopes of stopping her only to be placed under her curse to serve her.


Learning of her daughter’s budding romance and Queen Beryl’s invasion of Earth, Queen Serenity rescinded the forbidden law. A Union Treaty between the Earth and Moon was enacted between Queen Serenity and Prince Endymion.


Queen Serenity invited the Golden Kingdom to the Coronation of the Crown Princess, Serenity who had come of age to inherit the Illusionary Silver Crystal and ascend as Queen of the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity hoped to betroth her daughter to the Prince of Earth to unite the two kingdoms.


Queen Beryl chose this time to strike and led Earth’s army with Queen Metalia conquering and destroying Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter causing their respective soldiers to escape. Praetorian Guard of Venus, Adonis, escaped to Earth from Venus and was found by Helios whom he warned of the evil queen’s invasion of the planets.


Using Queen Metalia’s power Queen Beryl led Earth’s Army to the Moon Kingdom. Prince Endymion confronted Queen Beryl who claimed the Prince was being deceived by the Moon Princess. Queen Beryl believed the Moon was trying to conquer Earth through the Union Treaty. Queen Beryl demanded the Illusionary Silver Crystal, the death of Princess Serenity, and the destruction of the Moon Kingdom for the sake of Endymion.


The Four Heavenly Kings drew their swords against their Prince and their lovers. Queen Beryl revealed they were under her curse. Queen Beryl demanded the Four Heavenly Kings to kill their beloved Soldiers of the Four Guardian Deities as a pledge of fealty to her. The lovers battled each other with tragic outcomes; Jadeite fought against his cursed state after killing Sailor Mars and took his own life, Sailor Mercury drowned herself and Zoisite, and Sailor Jupiter died from her injuries after defeating Nephrite. Kunzite and Adonis fought to the death allowing Sailor Venus to escape and find the queen and the princess.


Queen Beryl faced off against Endymion who protected the queen and princess. Amid the battle, Princess Serenity came between Queen Beryl and Endymion begging them both to end their fight. Queen Beryl unmoved by the Princess’ pleas moved to strike her down only for Endymion to come between them and take the killing blow. Sailor Venus arrived using her Holy Blade to kill the evil Queen in hopes of saving the prince. Prince Endymion succumbed to his wounds and died in Princess Serenity’s arms. Overcome with sorrow Princess Serenity used Endymion’s sword to take her own life causing the light of the Silver Crystal to decimate the Earth and the Moon.


Surviving the light of the Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity was devastated by the loss of her daughter! Queen Metalia who also survived threatened to consume the Moon and Earth. Queen Serenity claimed the Silver Crystal and used its light against Metalia. Queen Serenity did not have the strength to destroy the evil being. Helios’ appeared helping Queen Serenity seal Queen Metalia within the Antarctic Circle on Earth.


Queen Serenity in her weakened state summoned the Soldiers of the Outer Solar System to the Moon. The three soldiers brought forth their resonating Imperial Talismans calling forth the Soldier of Ruin, Sailor Saturn. The three soldiers in their grief fought desperately against the Soldier of Ruin to prevent the inevitable eve of destruction only to be struck down by the Silence Glaive.


The sole survivor of the Four Soldiers, Sailor Venus and Helios helped Queen Serenity to the Crystal Tower who sealed her essence within the Eternity Main Crystal locking it with 

 Venus’ Holy Blade as its key. She warned Sailor Venus and Helios that Metalia might one day return and it was the duty of Helios and the Soldiers of the Four Guardian Deities to protect the prince, the princess and the future peace on Earth.


To protect the princess from remembering the trauma of what had passed Queen Serenity sealed Princess Serenity’s memories within Sailor Venus allowing her to act as a decoy and stand in the princess’ place and defeat Queen Metalia when she revived. When Queen Metalia revived the power of the full moon would awaken the power to fight against her. Queen Serenity warned Sailor Venus that should the Illusionary Silver Crystal ever reveal itself it would restore Sailor Venus’ true memories and allow the true Princess Serenity to awaken.


Swinging the Silence Glaive down, Sailor Saturn felt her life leave her. She watched mournfully as the world died out around her. With her dying breath, Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to send everyone to be reincarnated in another time and place on Earth.


Present Day...