• Create a player account with a name of your choosing. You will use this account to create and manage any and all characters you create.
  • Once you player account is made you will receive an invite to the Discord channel.

Character Creation

  • When creating a character please use your character's first and last name in the proper case (i.e. Jane Doe or John Doe) (Please do not use all CAPS)t
  • Currently, a Character Limit is NOT in effect HOWEVER we ask that players only play (1) canon soldier due to the number of canon characters available.
  • We request that you claim (1) canon (if available) for up to (2) original characters. Unless otherwise approved by Staff.
  • If you do decide to play additional characters we ask that you be active in at least 1-2 IC threads (per character if you have more than one character) before creating a new character.
  • Before creating any additional characters you must not have any pending character awaiting approval. Please wait until your character is approved before creating others.
  • We encourage you to play a number of characters you are comfortable with playing, we do not want you to feel overwhelmed by playing more than one character.
  • Currently, Original Characters ARE permitted at this time.
  • In order for you application to be approved, all required sections must be filled out completely and properly.
  • When you are ready for approval, click 'Ready for Play' and 'Save'. This will alert staff to review. (You are welcome to tag staff int the tagging and bumping channel on Discord).
  • All shipping and plotting will be done via Discord, you can find the Discord link in the menu.
  • Please give your character's name significant meaning and pertain to the character you are applying for.
  • Characters that have been reviewed and need revising will be given a 3-day grace period to make any necessary changes.
  • Unapproved characters cannot be used IC.

Original Characters (OCs)

  • Canon Soldiers cannot be replaced by OC Soldiers.
  • OCs cannot be the children or relatives of any of the Canon Characters.
  • You can create an OC Soldier, Knight, Chevalier, Prince or Princess (i.e. Sailor Charon, etc.) for an uninhabited, non-canon planet, asteroid, star in the Solar System. Contact staff on Discord for approval first.
  • Supporting Characters from the anime/manga can be re-imagined and created for the La Soldier (i.e. Chasity Vale is the equivalent to Naru Osaka)
  • Male OCs can be Knights and/or Princes and have special abilities that associate with their star, satellite, or planet of origin.
  • Per Naoko Takeuchi's ultimate rule "Men cannot become Sailor Soldiers."
  • Female Characters can be Chevaliers, Princesses, and/or Sailor Soldiers with special abilities that associate with their star, satellite, or planet of origin.
  • Gender-bending is subject to approval.
  • We encourage you to use Sailor Senshi Maker 3 to create a visual representation of character. (This is not mandatory, but fun!)
  • Initial designs created for OCs set the tone for future Knights/Chevaliers from the same planet.

Face Claims

  • We encourage canon face claims to resemble their anime/manga counterparts unless otherwise approved by staff.
  • Please use real-life celebrities, anime/manga pictures are not permitted.
  • Please do not use underage minors.
  • We encourage diversity amongst character face claims.
  • Due to the story being set in Paris this opens up other races and ethnic backgrounds to choose from.
  • There some exceptions to the rule. Characters that can be POC will be marked with an asterisk.
  • We recommend the 7+/7- rule when it comes to character/face claim age. This rule is to be used within reason as some face claims may look older or younger than they appear. If you're unsure, ask the staff.


  • To reserve a character please reply to the Reserve forum with your player account.
  • Reservations will be approved for one week from the date you reply in the Reserve.
  • Reserves expire at midnight of the expiration date.
  • There are no reserve grace periods.
  • Extensions can be requested for a maximum of 3 days from the expiration date. Extensions can only be requested once per character.