Rather than a real-time, monthly, or quarterly time frame and setting for La Soldier, we will be using a bi-seasonal setting. The first seasonal setting will be Winter and Spring followed by Summer and Fall before the next year ensues.

Winter & Spring of 2015

Please familiarize yourself with Parisian weather during this timeframe to ensure your character's attire is consistent with the setting and any imposed weather conditions.

Players will be notified of the setting and year change as it is updated.

What's Happened So Far?

[Princess Serenity] is a Sujet ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet in hopes of one day becoming Prima. She has also drawn the ire of the current Prima. [Princess Serenity] has been suffering from depression and subtle mood swings lately and she doesn’t know why. She's also been having strange dreams tell her to "Align the four guardian deities and reveal the silver moon..."

[Sailor Venus] grew up childhood friends with [Mimete]. The two were part of a successful pop girl group before disbanding and joining the growing conglomerate Infinity Industries overseen by its enigmatic CEO [Kaolinite] and COO [Cyprine]. Their solo ventures secured their spots one of the top four performing acts of Infinity Industries.

[Sailor Venus] has led a successful career and is currently dominating the charts with her hit single "HEART HYPNOTIC" followed by number [Mimete’s] single, "MAGNETIC ELECTRIC".

[Prince Endymion] previously lived in London as a car hijacker and racer with [Kunzite] and [Sailor Uranus]. After their last heist, the trio relocated to Paris in search of the rumored Illusionary Silver Crystal said to be worth a fortune. After arriving in Paris, [Prince Endymion] would end up suffering from blackouts and losing track of time. There are times when he wakes up in random places dressed in a tuxedo. After one of his bouts, he ended up in the hospital where he ended up dating [Sailor Pluto], a nurse at Infinity Medical. [Sailor Pluto] has been having a recurring dream that shows her an ornate door that seemingly beckons her to enter. While [Kunzite] and [Sailor Uranus] are concerned about their partner, [Sailor Uranus] keeps dreaming of a sword and beautiful woman with a mirror and something is telling her she will find both in Paris.

A world-famous violinist and painter with Infinity Entertainment, [Sailor Neptune] inherited her mother’s hand mirror. Ever since then she has been having visions of the catastrophic disaster known as the Silence that ends the world with a voice telling her to awaken as the time draws near when the light that leads the three talismans will be illuminated and begin the great destruction.

[Sailor Saturn], a savant pianist, is returning from a hiatus to after undergoing a miraculous surgery through Infinity Medical that cured her of a life-threatening disease. Cured and looking to make her return to the music world, [Sailor Saturn] can’t help but feel as if she is losing control of herself and becoming someone else. To ensure she has a smooth recovery, her sponsor, [Kaolinite] hired [Sailor Pluto] as a personal nurse to her ward. [Sailor Saturn’s] mentor and fellow Infinity Entertainment alum [Zoisite] has decided to help [Sailor Saturn] in composing for her new album. Meanwhile her stepmother has been keeping a watchful eye on her.

[Sailor Mercury] is a renowned Olympic Swimmer and chess champion however it was her innovation and the creation of Genius the Veil and the Mercury Drive that secured her position as an Analyst with the Research and Development Division of Infinity Industries. [Viluy]’s creation of a simulated star system gained her critical acclaim in the science community which led to her being appointed lead researcher for the supercomputer project as a part of Infinity’s R&D Division.

[Sailor Mars] was reborn as the daughter to a Parliament Minister. Her father’s protégé [Jadeite] is being groomed for minister by CFO [Eudial] of Infinity Capital.

[Sailor Jupiter] relocated to Paris with her longtime friend [Tellu] who secured a bid to operate the Infinity Botanical Garden in Paris. [Sailor Jupiter] unexpectedly became lead pastry chef and manager of Café de la Paix.

The reincarnation of [Helios] is currently a classics student on preparing to graduate from university, he is currently working at a library.

In the Antarctic Circle, [Queen Beryl] a prominent anthropologist discovered the underground ruins of the Golden Kingdom at D Point. Queen Metalia awakened and returned [Queen Beryl] her memories of her past life. Claiming the ruins of the Golden Kingdom as the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl seeks out her former subordinates and the Silver Crystal so she can conquer Earth once more.