The people of La Soldier are re-imagined versions of the characters in the Sailor Moon Universe. This allows players to play their characters in new and inventive ways while staying true to some aspects that make the characters unique. While some characters are wholly the same (i.e. Sailor Neptune is a famous violinist in love with Sailor Uranus) some characters unique in their own right (i.e. Sailor Moon is not clumsy and ditzy but is an accomplished ballerina dancer with the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet.)


La Soldier is an AU Sailor Moon RP set in Paris, France. The story follows the lives of normal people whose lives are irrevocably changed when they are inexplicably awakened and begin to uncover the memories of their past lives.


The first arc of La Soldier covers the past of Silver Millennium and present-day with the rise of the Dark Kingdom and beginnings of the Death Busters.


  • The ancient past on the Earth and Moon as well as the other planets of the Solar System
  • The present in Paris, France where characters awaken and are drawn to the city of lights where they realize their destiny


These characters and elements serve as an introduction to the La Soldier universe while simultaneously laying the groundwork for the upcoming interpretations of the Black Moon (R), Infinity (S), Dream (SuperS), and Stars (Sailor Stars) arc in addition to canon-related events and an original story arc that will introduce new villains and characters exclusive to La Soldier. La Soldier is not a play by play or paint-by-the-numbers retelling of the manga/anime but a unique re-imagining and re-telling that provides an in-depth look at the characters and provides compelling, impactful stories. All completed threads will be compiled into an arc/chapter styled story for future reading.

Why Paris?

Out of all the locations I could have chose; Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, Moscow, Italy, even the original Japan why Paris, France?

I chose Paris for a number of reasons. One is that it is similar to Juuban District in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo Tower is similar to the Eiffel Tower.

I chose Paris because of the potential for diversity. By placing it in the original setting of Japan would have limited characters to Japanese origins, I felt the same about America or Americanizing the Sailor Moon story. I felt Paris would allow characters of different nationalities to venture to Paris or even live in Paris. The characters don't have to be born and raised in Paris.

As Sailor Saturn said, "We were all drawn here...this land is a chosen place."


Are the characters already awakened?

That is up to you, player! Luna and Artemis are supplemental characters and do not directly impact the characters awakening as they did in the anime/manga. 

How or when your character awakens depends on how you'd like to portray it.

Ultimately, the power to awaken comes through their dreams and voices which are glimpses to the memories of their past life and how they will awaken their power and receive items. (Think Kingdom Hearts, Dive To The Heart)

This was a hard decision to make but I felt it was the best way to break away from the constraints of this re-telling. Following the anime/manga act by act or episode or episode would have paced the story too slowly to be appreciated. This allows players to play their favorite characters without having to wait for a cat to come and wake them up and tell them what to do.


How does my character awaken? How does my character know what to do or say when they awaken?

Ultimately it is up to the player to decide when and how their character awakens.

As long as it within the boundaries of the story (and within reason) the sky is the limit!

That being said, that is why it is important to ship and plot with fellow players to ensure the best storytelling.

As far as your character knowing what to do or say. Their abilities are innate, it stands to reason that the knowledge to use them is innate and they will remember it as they awaken.

Perhaps it is an aspect of their past life. The sense of duty, knowledge of power, and the need for discretion as well as the gravity of the situation are all elements that play into a character's awakening.

For example: In PGSM Act 1, even with Luna's guidance, Usagi did not know how to fight or use her powers as Sailor Moon until she "awakened" her ability to fight. This allowed Sailor Moon to fight back against the youma as well as use "Moon Healing Escalation" without further instruction.


Why Sailor Soldiers? Why not Sailor Senshi? Sailor Warriors? Sailor Guardians? or Sailor Scouts?

I decided to translate "Senshi" as Soldier because I felt it was fitting to the stories. These characters are being called to war by fate and I feel they are soldiers.

I use the word senshi but in Paris, that word is out of place seeing as it is a Japanese word.

Sailor Warriors felt too literal of a translation and didn't sound too appealing.

Sailor Guardians is now the official translation for senshi in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. I felt that they are more than guardians and more like soldiers.

Guardian means to "defend, protect, or keep" whereas a soldier is a "skilled warrior" or "militant leader, follower, or worker". I also feel like Guardian falls in the same realm as Scout, I feel it is weak/soft term and makes them seem harmless.

I feel that the Sailor Soldiers give them a greater sense of responsibility not only in protecting their princess and the Earth but also fighting for them as well.


Are the characters speaking in English or French?

The characters are speaking in French even though the writings on this board are written in English.

Rather than asking players to translate any and all dialogue in French, we instead ask that the English dialogue is interpreted as a translation from French.

Players are welcome to use French as part of their dialogue as long as an English translation is provided for other players.



There will be canons that will face an inevitable encounter with death.

This is because they have served their initial purpose to the story, they do not have a place in future arcs, or the story calls for their death (or any combination).

It is also worth noting that it lessens the impact of the story when ALL characters are redeemed and turned good. Death is a transformative experience that is a catalyst for change and growth.

But not to worry! You will still have the opportunity to explore your character in Past Threads and possibly different arcs that may require their presence.


Does Sailor Moon have her past memories? (Why does Sailor Venus believe she's Princess Serenity?)

A simple answer would be 'no' but it's a bit more complicated than that.

In La Soldier, Sailor Moon's memories as Princess Serenity are sealed within Sailor Venus who believes herself to be the one true Princess Serenity.

The seal on her memories and emotions is imperfect.

While Sailor Moon does not remember her past in its entirety, she is still the reincarnation of Princess Serenity. It is this innateness that calls forth fragments of her past memories which manifest as recurring dreams, voices, and visions when she interacts with the other soldiers.

Sailor Venus, on the other hand, remembers her past memories as Princess Serenity. Her true memories as Princess/Sailor Venus are sealed just like Sailor Moon's.

However, due to Sailor Venus being the reincarnation of Princess Venus/Sailor Venus from the past she will often remember her memories as Sailor Venus or Princess Serenity or a combination of the two.

Sailor Venus cannot make the emotional connection to Princess Serenity's memories even though she claims them as her own. For example, Sailor Venus will feel stronger and more familiar about a memory with Kunzite than a memory with Endymion.

Sailor Venus may often confuse her true memories and the memories of Princess Serenity.


Will my character have colored hair or really long hair like in the anime?

Since we're using real-life face claims, the answer would be no. But this is also Sailor Moon. When your character transforms, think PGSM or Precure when it comes to their hair!